Logan Airport: Boston’s Connection To The World

Author: Aaron Jodka

By Aaron Jodka | MARCH 2019

Boston’s Logan International Airport continues to attract increased passenger traffic, nearly 41 million people in 2018, growing from 26.1 million passengers a decade earlier. International travel played a major part, expanding from 4 million in 2008 to 7.6 million in 2018, as Logan connected to 55 destinations.


Infocus mapThis has coincided with Boston’s rising prominence on the global stage and the explosive growth of the Seaport. Is Logan’s growth a factor in Boston’s strength? Yes and no. The economic forces propelling the Seaport’s growth emerged from numerous elements and decades of planning, while low interest rates and a search for yield have driven capital to real estate in general, and Boston specifically. But an adage I’ve heard frequently during my real estate career underlines the connection: Foreign capital doesn’t take connecting flights. So as Boston is increasingly linked to the global economy by industry and transportation, it should continue to draw more international capital to our shores.


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