Are Needham, Newton, and Wellesley Out Of Favor?

By Aaron Jodka | AUGUST 2018


The Route 128 Mass Pike submarket has long been the leader in Boston’s suburban market. It boasts some of the

Life Science Is On The Move

By Aaron Jodka | JULY 2018

The Cambridge lab market is about as tight as it has ever been. Vacancies are 2.5% at the end of the second quarter,

Are Rent Prices Too High? Try Taking the Long View

By Mike Brown, Colliers Boston Research Intern, Winter/Spring 2018 | JUNE 2018

If you’re a tenant in today’s downtown market, it might seem that

Boston's Expanding Borders

By Aaron Jodka | June 2018

Boston is undergoing a transformative change as development redefines neighborhoods and submarkets throughout the

Boston's Space Crunch

By Aaron Jodka | June 2018

A typical market offers a variety of options for tenants seeking space, be they small or large. That isn’t the case

The Day Geoffrey the Giraffe Died

By Aaron Jodka | March 2018

The largest retail bankruptcy to come out of this cycle —in fact, one of the largest on record—has been for Toys “R”

How the West Was Won - 495 2.0

By Aaron Jodka | February 2018

Investors generally like value. Whether that’s finding a core asset with long-term leases in place at an

Insights from Colliers Clients - survey says...

By Aaron Jodka | February 2018

What’s the best way to understand what matters to people? Ask. We did just that with the registrants for our 39th

The 2017 Tax Bill’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate

By Dion Sorrentino, Colliers Research Intern - Fall/Winter 2017 | December 2017

While the tax plan currently waiting for the president’s signature

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