The World Of $50 Rents

By Aaron Jodka | September 2017

It’s hard to find value in office space in Boston today, particularly on direct deals: This cycle has been kind to

Cambridge Is Now a Lab Majority Market

By Aaron Jodka | July 2017

For the first time ever, space in the Cambridge market has tilted in favor of lab usage. The recent completion of 50/60

Kendall Square’s Explosive Growth

By Evan Gallagher | July 2017

When I recently spoke at the NAIOP/SIOR Mid-Year Roundup, one of the major topics was the shifting and expansion of

User Sales Are Back En Vogue

By Aaron Jodka | June 2017

So far in 2017, user sales are far more common than in the previous few years. Coming out of the downturn, user

Seaport’s Center Of Gravity Is Shifting

By Aaron Jodka | June 2017

Have you walked through the Seaport lately? It is truly amazing how rapidly the neighborhood is changing. Decades in

Leasing Obstacles for Today’s Office Tenants

By Gregory Tanner | May 2017

An office space search can be very overwhelming. Whether an organization is building out a new space or renovating an

NASDAQ’S Run Could Drive Further Class B Rent Gains

By Gregory Tanner | March 2017

Boston in recent years has been a market driven by the tech industry. The talent pool in and around Boston has

Waltham’s Moving In Different Directions

By Aaron Jodka | March 2017

Waltham is often considered the barometer of the suburban office market. And for good reason: It offers close

Class B > Class A

By Aaron Jodka | March 2017

Boston’s office market has historically been driven by its Class A inventory. As rents in that segment of the market

Shifting Tower Dynamics

By Aaron Jodka | February 2017

This has been a very different cycle than is typical for Boston. Thanks to a resurgent TAMI sector (technology,

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